Audio is recorded live to our ProTools 11 audio suite where it can also be mastered when required.


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Within our 1,000sqft+ studio, there's space for building, rails for rigging and  a pre-lit

38' x 12' green screen cyc.

Our setup is full HD. The in-studio cameras are Sony HXR-NX5Us and we also have a Sony FS700 available, which is capable of 4K recording.

During a live recording, everything feeds back into the NewTek TriCaster 8000 which gives us the ability to do real time compositing and color correction during the session and stream live to the web.

Along with live recording, we also provide post-production editing, color correction and motion graphics utilizing Final Cut Pro, DaVinci 10, and Adobe's CC Suite.

On projects that require additional photography for print or digital mediums, we offer high resolution stills from our photography studio, which is equipped with a selection of backdrops and portable lights for on-location or live event shoots.

Whether you've got everything but the studio, nothing but an idea, or anything inbetween, our experienced staff and HD studio are at your disposal to help bring your project to fruition.


Past projects completed at The Zoo have included, commercials, music videos, concerts, talk shows, podcasts, streaming webcasts, on-air product b-roll, and more.

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